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Just a reminder!!!!
We are now looking for Submissions! Please send a 250 word statement, 4-5 images of your work (relative to issues surrounding gender and feminism) and any relative blogs that you may have. Text, written articles and poetry are all welcome! All submissions must be sent to by the 26th of April Thank-you!!
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for a non-profit zine making fun of societies expectations of women. e.g. girls don’t poop, have body hair, have a willy, cut their toe nails, ect.. taking submissions of illustration, photography, writing, whatever ya like really.please send submissions along with your name to
and pretty please reblog this!! im really excited for this to happen and it cant unless you lovely people submit, so get the word out! 
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Sven X/et Erixson 1899-1970
Flowers in a Green Pot